Root Canal Treatment
in Middletown, Ohio

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Root Canal Treatment in Middletown, Ohio

Severe tooth decay is a painful condition, but it can be treated effectively and affordably with root canal treatment. Saving your natural tooth is always the preferred option to having a damaged tooth removed. To find out more about root canal treatment and how you could benefit from it, speak to us at Middletown Smile Center today.

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the preferred treatment option in cases when decay has damaged the inside of a tooth. A root canal procedure involves two steps.

During the first step of treatment, the root canal, which is the natural cavity at the center of your tooth, will be cleaned out. Our dentist will remove the tissue, pulp and nerve of the tooth, along with any debris resulting from the decay.

After your tooth has been cleaned and the infected material removed, a sealer paste and rubber compound will be applied to prevent further infection. Your tooth will then be filled and fitted with a crown to restore it back to a natural-looking and fully functional state.

Do the nerve and pulp have to be removed?

A lot of people are worried about having a root canal because the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed. There is no need to worry about this, and it is an essential part of root canal treatment. The nerve of an adult tooth is not vital to its function, so it is safe to remove.

When the root of your tooth is damaged by decay, there will be a lot of bacteria in it which will only multiply and cause further damage if it is left. If this is allowed to happen, you could experience dental drainage issues, dental bone loss and facial swelling.

Will it be painful to have a root canal treatment?

Most people find that a root canal treatment is not a painful procedure. In fact, it is said to be as easy as having a filling. In fact, a root canal will relieve the pain of an infection.

Our dentists always put patient comfort as a priority when delivering treatment. If you are concerned that local anesthetic might not be enough to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your root canal, ask us about the possibility of using laughing gas to help keep you calm.

What are the alternatives to root canal treatment?

Realistically, there is no alternative to root canal treatment, as it is always preferential to save your natural tooth. Undergoing root canal treatment is often the only option to retain your natural tooth when the root canal has become infected.

The only other option which may be considered is to fully extract your infected tooth and replace it with an implant, bridge or partial denture.

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Susan S.

First visit today, and I had a problem. Everyone was so friendly and compassionate. Ended up needing root canal and it was done right then!!! Fabulous dentist and staff.

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The staff, hygienist and dentist were all super friendly and very thorough. I look forward to bringing my daughter for her first visit!

Kelli W.

Had an awesome experience at this office! I found out that I needed two fillings and they were able to work me into the schedule right after so I wouldn’t have to come back! Very professional, fun staff. Definitely recommend!!
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